Located in Turin, Italy, Caffarel was the first to create Gianduia. By using 30% Piedmont Hazelnuts, Caffarel achieves a unique melting temperature and a velvety texture to complement the gianduia flavor. Produced by extrusion (dropped onto plates), without the limitations imposed by molds, Caffarel's Gianduia has a special consistency that is not too soft and not too hard, and a rich flavor that simply cannot be duplicated. 

Caffarel Piemonte display 2.65oz
Caffarel gianduia asst. bag 7.05oz
Caffarel bar milk 3.53oz
Caffarel bar dark 3.53oz
Caffarel Gourmet dark bar 3.53oz
Caffarel Xmas box 10.23oz
Caffarel coffee dark box 6.35oz
Caffarel Limoncello pack 8.82oz
Caffarel Dark Nocciolotto display1.16oz
Caffarel dark hazelnut 5.29oz
Caffarel little shopping bag