Original Killer Brownies®

Over the years, Killer Brownies® have become the icon of our bakery. It all came about in 1981 when a fellow retailer from Brown Deer, Wisconsin invited us to his store to swap a few recipes. He said, "you have to taste my newest dessert creation - my Killer Brownie." There was only one problem: it came off a cake box. The process of opening all those little boxes to blend a 20 gallon batch of brownie batter was very cumbersome. Undaunted, we took the recipe back to our bakery and began tweaking and refining the original idea, adding our signature belgian chocolate chips and drizzle that make it our own. Today, we even blend the cake ingredients ourselves, from scratch.

We soon became the "Home of the Killer Brownie". Over the years we've concocted Peanut Butter Krazies, Killer Blondies, Raspberry Suicides, and even a no-nuts version of the Original Killer Brownie. Our brownies have found their way all over the United States, and they have been shipped as far as the American Embassy in Rome and the United Arab Emirates. 

Still our most popular selection, Original Killer Brownies® are a creation of two dense layers of fudgy brownie that sandwiches rich chocolate chips, chopped walnuts and gooey caramel. It's all drizzled with Belgian chocolate before we  place them into a distinctive gift box. Original Killer Brownies® as well as an assortment box called the "Baker's Selection", which contains Peanut Butter Krazies, Raspberry Suicides, the Killer Blondie, and of course, the Original Killer Brownie, are all available for order online,

KILLER BROWNIE® is a registered trademark of Killer Brownie, Ltd. used under license.

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